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Party & Events Rental

Sirius-e rental software was developed based on the specific business processes of the Party and Event market.


Sirius-e rental software can manage deposits, reservations, pre-invoicing and consolidate contracts for any event. The pricing is entirely flexible and allows you to present a comprehensive and simple invoice to your customers. The availability calendar, kit capabilities and accessory management gives you the power to maximize every rental opportunity.


Award-winning Sirius-e rental software features unique remote implementation technology that allows you to take control of the training process, and learn at your own speed. Sirius-e values efficient Party and Event rental business processes and is your number one choice for efficient software.


When developing our solutions we always keep efficiency at the top of our priorities. Our goal is to organize information using user-friendly screens and reporting methods that bring efficiency to your business.

  • Efficiently manage all your inventory availability.
  • Access the location and availability of any inventory item at any time.
  • Monitor pick-ups and returns.
  • Inventory maintenance features help prevent against costly repairs.
  • Picture integration of customers and scaffolding equipment.
  • Professionally invoice and automate price and interest calculations.
  • Eliminate manual form entries.
  • Track customer credit limits and accounts receivable.
  • Access detailed customer rental and equipment availability.
  • Track maintenance, repairs and depreciation for all your scaffolding equipment.
The CRM module manages all aspects of your customer relationships. From the initial discussion to the rental contract, you can document and get a complete view of every interaction between you and your customer. The CRM module is completely flexible and versatile. Grow your business and improve your customer satisfaction with an integrated CRM module.
Our Multi-location module will instantly connect you to multiple branch offices or warehouses. Remote branches can connect to a central server, enabling you to book jobs, quotes, crew, and even run reports by location.
Our distribution module is an integrated solution for users reselling equipment, engaging in sub-rentals or transferring equipment between branches. This module will help you manage back-orders, drop-shipments, create sub-rental POs and manage your sub-rental margins. The distribution module offers an integrated view of all equipment transfers with other branches and third party suppliers. Distribution is a user-friendly module including availability to ensure equipment is on hand wherever and whenever it is needed.
Increase your equipment usage and reduce downtime with the Preventive Maintenance module. Preventive Maintenance enables you to manage equipment maintenance schedules, assign and track staffing, automatically create itemized work orders and maintain a detailed history of all maintenance activities. Our intuitive maintenance module automates your repairs and even sends a maintenance reminder based on projected equipment usage.
The portal and the website of Sirius e is a fully integrated e Sirius module. Your preferred customers, employees and the public can access information in real time. From e Sirius, you control exactly what each visitor can see. You are able to offer them relevant information and offer them to make real-time transactions with or without the availability of equipment. You can even use it to take the equipment outsourcing your customers!
The Service Management Module is an integrated solution designed to manage your services efficiently. Manage deliveries and pick-up, allocate employees to transactions or work orders and keep track of employee timetables. Access the Staff Allocation panel and view staff availability and automatically send status e-mails with daily or weekly schedules.

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