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Asset management Web Portal

Asset management Web Portal

Orion software is proud to introduce an all original innovative product for both the Rental and the Construction industries. The new Sirius e web portal elevates the management of assets to a level never reached before


Our innovative solution is designed to improve the visibility of equipment on job site, order new equipment and access reports on any device. Based on the well established Sirius enterprise Rental Management platform, Our web portal application is designed specifically for construction companies that wish to manage their own assets or manage the assets rented from a rental company. In both cases, they may access the web based application from a web site, a tablet or mobile device through a mobile app anywhere and in real time. Users can take pictures, sign documents, send requests or orders to the stockroom and view equipment availability and pricing,thus having total control.


Patrice Boivin, president of Orion Software commented: “This is in response to a powerful trend that we currently see in today’s market. Taking control of assets from any physical location to improve both the efficiency and utilization in the construction industry as well as other speciality markets. Rental companies are enabled to outsource their own customer equipment in the most simple, concise manner allowing for a competitive advantage in order to rapidly grow their business. In summary, It gives them a competitive advantage to grow very fast by outsourcing their customer’s assets”.

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